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Anbeyon Training Programs

Anbeyon Truck Driving School offers the following training programs.  Additional training programs are added to our curriculum regularly.  If you're interested in a program that is not currently listed, please ask our admissions officer at 313-270-7623.

CDL A Truck Driver Entry Level Program

Anbeyon training programs include a core curriculum and behind-the-wheel training that prepared students for efficient truck operation.  We train according to the standards set by the the U.S. Department of Transportation.  We train and develop safe driver skills and habits necessary to pass the CDL Skills Test.  Students learn the basic operation of a vehicle, including:


  • vehicle control systems and dashboard instruments

  • pre- and post-trip inspections

  • backing and docking

  • coupling and uncoupling

  • distracted driving

  • use of signals and other vehicle communication 

  • emergency situations

  • roadside inspections

  • truck maintenance

  • handling cargo

  • hours of service

  • wellness

  • post-crash procedures

  • trip planning and more.

CDL A Refresher Truck Driver Program

If you would like to brush up on your skills before taking the CDL Skills Test and not feeling as if you are as prepared as you once were, Anbeyon can help.  We offer refresher courses that will cover all of the required knowledge to re-prepare you for the professional truck driving industry.

Our refresher courses provide CDL training, CDL exam preparation, truck driver safety training and truck repair skills.  We tailor our curriculum for former drivers to help them hone their skills.

Refresher students will be able to:

  • Earn a Class A CDL License

  • Update and improve your truck driving skills

  • Learn up-to-the-minute trucking industry information

  • Meet other trucking professionals and employers

Soft Skills Job Readiness Program

Anbeyon goes above and beyond to train our students on the soft skills necessary to become a successful truck driver.  We provide training in:

  • Patience and diplomacy

  • Flexibility in navigating unpredictable traffic conditions and routes

  • Willingness to comply with rules and regulations

  • Collaborative communication skills with dispatchers and schedulers

  • Ability to keep accurate logs and reports

  • Mechanical aptitude for troubleshooting and remote collaboration with mechanics at home-site

  • Ability and willingness for continuous learning, especially new technologies, i.e. GPS systems and monitoring technologies

GAINS Preparation
(Math, Reading and English)

Anbeyon staff prepares students for GAINS testing in math reading and English... all skills that are important for professional truck drivers.

Drivers must have adequate math and reading skills to calculate bills of lading and to read and understand customer documentation.  Drivers must also have a good command of the English language for proper and effective communication with employers, customers and fellow truck drivers.

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